No. 001 黃花 / 黃色花 / Golden Flower

No. 001


黃色花 / Golden Flower




"Coloring the City in Golden Yellow"

Yellow—the color of spring in Tainan— is a color that conveys the feeling of personal touch and warmth. Every March, in Eternal Golden City (Yizai Jincheng), Nanning Street, Linsen Road, and many other places, the Golden Trumpet Tree flowers would freely blossom in dazzling golden yellow. This beauty of life became Gímgoânheng's first pattern printing creation, showcasing the blooming of the century-old fabric store. The Golden Trumpet Tree flower symbolizes “gratitude,” and this print is inspired by a suit jacket’s pattern that Ms. Chang Chiu (Ms. Axiu), the eldest daughter of Gímgoânheng, regularly wore. We dedicate this print to commemorate the beautiful city and in remembrance of her.