No.007 烏魚子 / からすみ / Mullet Roe



からすみ / Mullet Roe




"The Flavor of Love and Reunion”

There was an old shop selling mullet roe next to the old Gímgoânheng fabric store on Minquan Road. Its friendly owner decorated the shop with rows of mullet roe hanging down from the ceiling. When I was little, my grandmother would always prepare a mullet roe dish every Lunar New Year.  She would pan-fry it in rice wine, cut it into thin slices, and served it along with Hot Pot. When I grew older, whenever I ate mullet roe on special banquets, such as wedding and year-end parties, I would always reminisce on the simple and happy tastes of the past. One time, I helped a friend to purchase the mullet roe.  Watching the elderly owner carefully wrap and put them into boxes, I was deeply moved. I thought to myself: It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do one thing well in life!