No.018 消波塊 / 防波堤 / Tetrapod



防波堤 / Tetrapod




"Don't do bad things."

The tetrapod, which invented in World War II, was originally used as a war device to block the advance of tanks. When it was abandoned on the beach after the war, people just realize it is an excellent wave-absorbing effects, then tetrapod becomes a ubiquitous coastal scenery today. Because it looks like meat dumplings, it is also called "meat dumpling corner" in Taiwan. There is even an urban legend in Taiwan that those who offend the gangster will be made “into” the tetrapod. However, the coastline length in Taiwan is 1,338 kilometers, there are up to 753 kilometers of tetrapod, ports or other manmade facilities. These facilities might can protect the people who living by the beach, but it also affecting the coastal ecology and even the relationship between people and the ocean.