No.022 雞蛋冰 / 卵形アイスクリーム / Ice Pop



卵形アイスクリーム / Ice Pop




"It's ice pop time.”

Having an ice pop is the most enjoyable thing in the summer time. There is a Taiwanese proverb: “Wanna be rich? Go to sell the ice first, or consider to be a doctor.”, which describes the social phenomenon in early Taiwan that people could get rich by selling ice(especially shaved ice). Traditional ice pop in Taiwan is made into egg shapes and called "egg ice”. It is made by aluminum shell containers and celled with rubber band, then put into an ice cube with salt to sale. However, because the rubber band is easy to be damaged by repeated use, sometimes the "egg ice" will taste bitter and salty that due to mixed with salt water . Nowadays, many "egg ice" are made by plastic containers, so it is no longer tasted bitter or salty. But in most Taiwanese mind, those only made by aluminum shells is the original  "egg ice" taste .